Restore - Varberg - Ons 19:30-21 - v4-19

Återhämtande och avslappnande yoga
Yogalärare: Andrea
Lagerstatus: 18 i lager
2.200,00 kr

Restorative is a very therapeutic form of yoga on a cellular, physical, and emotional level. It specifically works to help relax and unwind your physical body while you rebalance your nervous system and work towards creating a calm and supportive internal environment.

During this 90-minute class you will be thoughtfully guided through a restorative sequence and be given the chance to completely surrender, relax and heal with the deep support of bolsters, blankets and blocks. There will be very little, very gentle movement in this class. An experience open to all levels.

Healing music will serenade you and the ambiance of candlelight will embrace you throughout this entire evening.

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