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Vinyasa Flow & Meditation with SHAY PERETZ - 21 maj - Varberg

Kom och flowa med Shay Peretz!
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Come join us for a inspiring vinyasa flow as we move through a dynamic vinyasa yoga session while exploring meditation elementals. 

Shay approach to guiding sessions is one of co-creation with you the participant. And this session we will explore how our senses can help us develop self inquiry. 

Curious? Come as you are,  sweat laugh and return with more ways of seeing. 

About Shay:

Arriving to Stockholm in 2012 from Venice California; Shay has been in his practice for over 25 years.
Shay’s practice and style of teaching is rooted and has evolved from a prolonged residency at
Green Gulch Zen Center - a Suzuki Roshi, Soto based Zen Monastery in the San Francisco Bay Area.
With teachers and influences Ranging From Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Bhakti Yoga, Ashatanga Yoga.
His session are filled with laughter, story telling and a light hearted approach; with an emphasis on group co-creation, self discovery and investigation into creating personal experiences
for practitioners to apply In and out of the yoga rooms.
At the root of all of Shay`s session is:
The celebration of YOU as you are.

tis 21 maj kl 17.30 - 18.45

300 kr

Marmorgatan 3, Breared, Varberg