5 weeks FLOW with Shay - Varberg - Fre 16 - 17:30 - startdatum framflyttat

Pga rådande smittspridning och den nya pandemilagen har vi beslutat oss för att skjuta på starten för denna kurs. Så fort vi satt nytt datum meddelar vi det här.
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5 week Vinyasa Flow with Shay!
Welcoming you to a 5 week Dynamic vinyasa flow sessions. We meet once a week over this period and explore elements of movement, building the vocabulary to Transition from one chord/ asana to another with creativity and fluidity.
Shay`s session have an emphassis on using our Physical practice as preparation for meditation, and through the course we will integrate
Story telling myth exploration and always attention to breath.
Join Us! All are welcome, but some yoga experience can be very helpful.

Om Shay

Born in Israel and raised In Argentina, arriving to Stockholm in 2012 from Venice California.

Shay has been in his practice for over 25 years. With teachers and influences Ranging From Forrest Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and Bhakti Yoga and influence and teachers across studios in the USA and Los Angeles. Shay’s practice and style of teaching is rooted and has evolved from a prolonged residency at Green Gulch Zen Center - a Suzuki Roshi, Soto based Zen Monastery in the San Francisco Bay Area and his experience as a mountain guide in the Sierra Nevada Mountain range in California. Sharing these influences he teaches weekly active vinyasa and meditation session at numerous studios in Sweden and abroad.